Specialty Services

Selected Experience

Rally consultants offer a wealth of expertise in addressing the unique requirements presented by financially challenged organizations, such as daycare facilities, faith-based properties and operations, schools, medical facilities, hospitality facilities, livestock operations, financial services, professional service providers and not-for-profit entities. Our services include consulting, accounting, construction management, advisory services and more. In cases of distressed special-use facilities, Rally professionals apply their technical skills to stabilize each situation by providing immediate site and financial reporting, managing all associated aspects, and ultimately turning a short-term crisis into long-term viability. As with every matter, Rally’s goal is to complete a transaction in a cost-effective and expeditious manner while also protecting and maximizing the value of an asset to the benefit of all stakeholders.


Underperforming hotels, motels and restaurants, including those in foreclosure, insolvency or receivership, create challenging and complex management situations. Oftentimes, this niche area requires fast-acting property valuation and financial assessment, followed by immediate action. Rally has successfully completed this process numerous times. Our professionals have deep experience in this area and have served as Receiver or have been retained as trusted consultants for various-sized hotels, motels and restaurants throughout the country. We assist lenders throughout the entire situation, including preserving pre-foreclosure occupancy rates, serving in day-to-day management roles, and stabilizing operations to maintain or improve the value of the asset.

United States Department of Justice

Rally has served as a government contractor working for the U.S. Marshals Service to oversee, manage and protect government-seized assets in fraud cases. Most recently, our work in this area includes providing daily care and treatment, training, transportation, boarding, and other essential services for 400 quarter horses on 19 farms throughout the country during the largest seizure of livestock in U.S. history from former Dixon, Illinois Comptroller Rita Crundwell. To read a full case study on this specific receivership, click here.


Our team provides effective and customized solutions that improve operational performance and financial profitability for all types of health care facilities, including hospitals, medical offices and ambulatory care centers. A recent example includes the successful turnaround of R&M Aviation, Inc., d/b/a AeroCare Medical Transport Systems, Inc., a provider of worldwide air ambulance and medevac services. In this case, Rally acted as financial advisors to the debtor in Chapter 11 proceedings, working to stabilize the company’s operations and aid in formulating a restructuring plan that maximized value and creditor recovery. To read a full case study on this specific matter, click here.